Morocco Infographic


We acquired important information and created info graphic about the attention grabbing facts of Morocco such as demographics, trade and commerce, famous places etc.


Top Places to visit in Morocco

Morocco is world famous for its Atlas Mountain, deserts and of course the beautiful beaches of Mediterranean and Atlantic seas. This video will show you which are the best and famous place to visit in Morocco.


Satellite Internet Service in My Area

Just like most Internet users, I am also searching for the best satellite internet service in my area. Just like me, you might be wondering how the satellite internet started. Well, if you want to know more, here’s an article that could help you in finding the right provider.

How the satellite Internet started is the same how the satellite TV has started in 1940. Arthur C. Clark has envisioned the utilization of satellites to enhance the communication system. The Americans and Russians introduced the first communication satellite in 1950. The advancement was done in 1960 and 1970, including the introduction of the satellite communication between North American and European satellites that has led to the introduction of satellite TV in the late 1970s. Small dish home systems, Direct Broadcast Systems (DBS) were introduced in 1990 and the communication industry and satellite entertainment started to increase momentum.

satelliteIt was in 1996 when the first satellite internet service started the business. The service was introduced to provide internet access to users aside from dial-up. The HughesNest one of the popular internet service in my area, was among one of the first providers that offer internet satellite. At present, some of the most popular satellite internet providers aside from HughesNet are DirecTV and Dishnet. Major satellite TV and satellite internet providers have partnered to offer a combine package of Internet service and satellite TV.

The Things You Need to Consider When Choosing an Internet Service Provider

Just like others, I am looking for the best internet service in my area. During my quest in finding the right provider I have gathered some of the important things that one should consider when searching for an internet service provider. Comparing, reviewing and analyzing the satellite broadband services that you will encounter during your search is a good idea, even experts do this. Modifications in features, services and technology may come at a relatively fast pace. In line with the fact that satellite internet service is a relatively new technology, in the past twenty years or so, people expect  new competitors and technological advancements in this industry to dominate the news in this field in the coming years. The benefit of using satellite internet services is constant – the capability of providing broadband services to families which cannot access cable or have less DSL service. As long as you have an open view to the southern sky, you can have faster download speed. It is important that you assess your purchase options in light of how you use the Internet now and how you will use it in the future.

Here are some features that I have checked out when searching for an internet service in my area. It might also help you in finding the best provider:

Satellite Internet Cost

The price of broadband internet services may range from $40 to $60 a month. The price may vary depending on the available bandwidth and download speed. The price range is similar to cable and DSL. Keep in mind, based on your monthly usage, higher download speeds is not worth it. Normally the activation fees range from $100 – $150.

Satellite Internet Speed

One of the critical components when evaluating a satellite broadband or internet service is the speed. The download speed may range from 1mpbs up to 15mbps. If you get above 5mbps you might notice that there is an appreciable difference in the speed at which your internet pages refresh or load. Some providers would suggest to download at least 5mbps.

The upload speed may range from 400kbps to 5mbps. Some internet providers may offer slower speed, this is not recommended for heavy game users. Generally, it all depends on your usage and the cost relationships.

Satellite Internet Bandwidth

Another important consideration when assessing an internet satellite provider is the bandwidth. If you need to watch videos or listen to music and using social networking most of the time, then you need high bandwidth. At present bandwidth available from satellite internet providers range from 5MB to 15MB of data, this will be enough to satisfy your applications. There are lots of internet satellite providers that restrict the amount of internet that you can use monthly, however it does not affect other consumers. The majority of satellite Internet providers allow five to ten email accounts.


As with other product, one of the most important component in evaluating the overall quality of the product is their service. The majority of the leading providers provides user friendly online databases as well as knowledge bases, online account management, spam and virus protection and 24/7 technical support. The providers are very competitive in this industry and make sure that they provide the best customer service in the industry.

There are lots of internet service in my area that offer different packages. Some of the most popular internet providers are Dish, Exede and HughesNet.